What does Mcdonald’s hide from us ?

McDonald’s was created in 1937 by the two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald’s in California.

The first one restaurant in France was created in Strasbourg in 1979.

Now it’s one of the biggest fast food chain in the world !

There were a lot of controversies about the brand such as :

  • Recently in France, Mcdonald’s announced, during an internal control, that there was listeria in their salads « Chicken Caesar » which is a bacteria who might be fatal for some people, for example pregnant women and animals. Mcdonald’s advises to their customers who ate their salads « Chicken Caesar » to go to the doctor for an examination.     

(CR : https://www.ouest-france.fr/economie/consommation/mc-donalds/des-salades-mcdonald-s-contaminees-la-listeria-dans-des-dizaines-de-restaurants-5905806)


  • Chicken McNuggets are filled with dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicone oil often used in the manufacture of lenses (contact lenses) and others medical materials.

(CR : http://lesmoutonsrebelles.com/toute-la-verite-sur-mcdonalds-vous-risquez-de-ne-plus-jamais-y-mettre-les-pieds/)

  • By analyzing poultry feathers for meat production at McDonald’s, Johns Hopkins University has discovered some very interesting things about factory-raised poultry. There are antidepressants a
  • nd other prescription medications in these chicken’s feeds before they become « poultry » for fast food.

(CR : https://www.conscience-et-eveil-spirituel.com/mangerez-plus-mc-donalds-horribles.html)       

Because of all the problems about McDonald’s and their food, people went to the hospital because some of the things that were found in their products, caused disease and made people sick, some of them even complain to the justice and now, McDonald’s has a bad reputation for their hamburgers and nuggets.

The perfect solution would be to stop and boycott McDonalds so it will shut down, then they will be able to watch their food conditions in order to sell their products. But, it’s not that simple because people like to eat at Mcdonald’s even though it’s very unhealthy, since it’s fast to order and to eat and it’s pretty affordable for everyone.

















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